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You can show me your tattoo by uploading a photo in the form below. That way I can tell you my view as a tattoo artist and help you find the best way to improve your tattoo if it's just a small adjustment, a huge coverup, or a combination of both.



You have requested to get my honest opinion on your tattoos. Remember that these are MY OPINIONS, based on my own personal preferences, taste, and experience. My opinion is NOT IMPORTANT for your tattoo. But I'm here if you want my opinion.

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I do have some experience when it comes to tattoos. For 20 years it has been not only my full time job but also my lifestyle, my hobby, and you can maybe even call it my destiny or calling? I have specialized mainly in realism and portraits, but coverups and fixups soon became a huge part of my craft. Not only thanks to the growing demand for it but also because I totally loved it. To make a horrible tattoo look beautiful became my obsession. The more advanced and difficult, the better. I do love a challenge!


After putting out a few tattoo advice videos on my youtube channel during the last years, people started asking me pretty much the same question over and over… They were wondering if I could take a look at their tattoo and give them my professional opinion, tell them what options they have, and what they could do to improve their tattoo. So, honestly, since I am sadly the worst when it comes to writing clients by email, DM or any text message, I decided to make this into a sort of live show on Youtube, called The Tat Chat!

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